Martina Babicova

Address: Brussels, Belgium
Mobile: +32 470 300 621

Language Combinations:

Master's Degree in Political Science and German Language and Literature at Constantine University, Nitra - Slovakia (2004)
European Master in Conference Interpreting at Comenius University, Bratislava - Slovakia (2006) (DE<>SK, EN>SK)

Languages Studies:
Intensive English summer course for translators and interpreters at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (August 2007)
Intensive German summer course for EU accredited interpreters with German as a retour language (SK>DE) at Johannes Gutenberg Universitšt Mainz in Germersheim - Germany (August 2008) (European Parliament bursary)
French Language Course and Legal French Course at Accord Language School in Paris, France (September 2009) (European Parliament bursary)

Areas of Expertise:
Translations and interpreting assignments in areas of history, architecture and cultural heritage protection (DE<>SK, EN>SK)
Legal matters, in particular interpreting assignments in European law, various areas of civil and criminal law (DE<>SK, EN-FR>SK)
Translations in the area of rail transport (EN>SK)

Additional Professional Experience:
Teaching of German and English courses at language schools (children and adults, 2004-2006)

Also available in Slovak

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