Cristina Marzullo

Address: Via Primaticcio 133 - 20147 Milan, Italy
Office: +39 02 418411
Mobile: +39 347 7860051
Skype: cristina.marzullo

Language Combinations:

Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpreting at SSLMIT, Trieste University - Italy (1993) (EN<>IT, FR<>IT, DE-NL>IT)
Interpreting Degree at SSLMIT, Trieste University - Italy (1996) (EN<>IT, DE>IT)

Languages Studies:
Intensive Spanish summer course at Malaga University, Spain - advanced level (August 1996)
Intensive Portuguese summer course for SCIC Interpreters at CIAL in Lisbon, Portugal - advanced level (August 2002)
EP bursary and intensive advanced courses in Romanian Language and Civilisation for EP Interpreters at Jasi University and CCF in Timisoara, Romania (May-August 2012)

Areas of Expertise:
Legal matters, in particular translation of contracts, court rulings, etc., and interpreting assignments in court proceedings (company law, family law, criminal law, US class actions) (EN<>IT, FR-NL-ES-PT-DE>IT)
Financial matters, in particular interpreting assignments (simultaneous, whispering, liaison) at board/business meetings; including banking, stock exchange and insurance (EN<>IT, FR<>IT)
Medicine (structural and craniosacral osteopathy, neurology, physiology, oncology) both for translations and interpreting assignments (EN<>IT, FR<>IT)
Automotive, including motorbikes, for interpreting assignments (simultaneous, whispering, liaison) (EN<>IT)

Additional Professional Experience:
Sworn translations of certificates, contracts, financial statements, etc. at Milan and Monza courts (EN-FR-ES-PT-NL-PT>IT)
Translation of film, TV-series and cartoon scripts for dubbing companies (EN>IT)
Translation of books on complementary medicine (osteopathy, cranial therapy, polarisation therapy) for publishing companies (EN>IT)

Also available in Italian

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