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The EUCI Network is a network of ACIs (=Auxiliary Conference Interpreters), that is to say accredited freelance interpreters who routinely work alongside staff interpreters in meetings served by the interpreting services of the European Institutions.

Accreditation as a freelance interpreter is obtained by passing an inter-institutional interpreting test, after which interpreters are entered into the joint EU database of accredited freelance interpreters. To be eligible for such a test, applicants must comply, among other things, with the following criteria:

  • having completed a recognized four-year full-time undergraduate course in conference interpreting and obtained the relevant degree or
  • holding a recognized Master's degree in conference interpreting

In addition to the academic qualifications, at the accreditation test interpreters are asked to interpret speeches in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting mode from their passive languages (languages they translate from) into their active language(s) (languages they translate into).

Once on the EU database, there is a quality monitoring system in place for active ACIs, whereby ACIs are regularly evaluated by senior staff officials, who thoroughly assess them in terms of: quality of interpretation, knowledge of passive languages, and professional conduct. This is another guarantee for you that quality is maintained constantly all along the interpreters' professional life.

Any potential clients will therefore be sure that the interpreter(s) they will select will offer them the highest standards of professional conference interpreting and translation.

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